Meeting minutes for 8.9.09

If the minutes seem a little light this month, the reason is twofold. Reason one- It's hard to run the meeting and take notes at the same time! Reason two- it was a slow month, with the meeting ending around 2:30 instead of our usual custom of being run out of the room at 4:05!

1. Meeting opened at 1:30 by Will
a. Officer present- Will Meitzler (secretary)
2. Began with around-the room introductions
a. 9 attendees including 3 new faces
3. Club business
a. Since the secretary is in the dark about most current business we ran through dues for our new members instead
4. Presentation
a. No one` had an official presentation so KJohn offered to show updated pictures of the Robomagellan course as the terrain was changed at MVCC due to construction
b. Royce showed Trossen’s Mech Warrior contest footage
5. Meeting broke into small discussions around 2:30