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Minibot is my 1st attempt at making a robot that could be entered in line following and mini sumo contests. My primary goals are just to see if I can do it, and to see what I can learn in the process.

Minibot is controlled by an array of PSoC's that are in a master/slave configuration, interconnected by a ribbon cable backplane. There are currently 4 PSoC's for being "the brain", controlling two reversible PWM'd DC motors (from Solarbotics) with a TI 754410 Quad Half-H bridge driver, monitoring a Sharp IR range finder, and for monitoring an array of 7 photoreflective sensors for following the line.

I've yet to add a few more photoreflective sensors to make quadrature encoders for the wheels, and to make emergency stop/reverse sensors to make sure it doesn't back out of the mini sumo ring.

All of the PCB's were made by hand, soldering tiny 30 AWG wire wrap wires to mostly socketed parts, with a few bigger wires for the motors, batteries, etc.

There's an RS232 transceiver that can sit on top so that a PC can collect data during operation to tweak the algorithms. I hope to replace that before too long with a wireless connection to the PC.