Contest Guidelines

General Contest Guidelines

This section is intended to describe the overall “feel” of a Chibots contest at any given event (e.g. Chibotica).  These basic guidelines are to be followed for all Chibots event contests unless specifically over ridden in said rules.  For example, Mini Sumo has its own weight and size qualifications.

Chibots’ contests are divided by builder skill level currently split between apprentice and journeyman levels.  This is done to help budding builders not be over whelmed by more experienced builders.

Builder / Team Guidelines
  • Good sportsman ship is always expected of every Chibots contest entrant, official and robot.
  • Builders who enter a robot in apprentice series contests are restricted to that series until they either opt to move up to journeyman builder status or place in two separate apprentice level contests.
  • Builders at journeyman status may opt to move back to apprentice status if they have not placed in a journeyman level contest nor placed in two apprentice level contests.
  • A builder cannot change levels during any single event (e.g. once entered in an apprentice contest at a single event, that builder cannot enter any journeyman level contests until the next event). On October 10, 2010 it was unanimously decided that the Competition Chairperson will void this guideline if he sees good will and the situation merits that the apprentice entry can indeed compete in the journeyman level during the same event with one provision: If the entry wins both the apprentice and journeyman competitions the robot will only be awarded the prize for the higher of the two levels, this being the journeyman level.
  • Once a builder places in a journeyman level event they can no longer compete in apprentice level events.
  • Builders of any level are highly encouraged to make demonstration runs of their robots in any level contest.  These runs are given times but are not allowed to place.
  • Any contest marked for All Levels is specific to neither Apprentice nor Journeyman level.  Any builder entering this contest will not have his status affected.
General Robot Guidelines
(unless specifically overridden in contest rules)
  • Robot physical dimensions are restricted to 12” x 12” x 18” (W x L x H) size and cannot expand beyond this size during a run.
  • Robot weight is restricted to 15 lbs.
  • Robot must be autonomous in operation.  The only allowed interaction with any outside intelligence is for starting and stopping the robot.  That is, the robot can in no way be remote controlled or programmed with course information during a contest.  A remote start/stop feature is allowed.
  • A robot may be programmed with course specific information prior to an event.  That is, a robot may be programmed with any publicly available information prior to the start of a contest.  Once a contest starts, no further course information may be programmed.
  • Programming adjustments are allowed to a robot during an event  provided they are algorithmic in nature.  That is, said changes do not conflict with any of the other general robot guidelines.
  • A robot will be disallowed if the contest judge(s) deem it to be capable of causing damage to any contest equipment or to be excessively noisy.  An example of excessively noisy would be a robot that would disturb a normal conversation within a few feet of it.
  • A robot will be disallowed if the contest judge(s) deem it to be dangerous to contestants, spectators or other robots.
General Contest Guidelines
(unless specifically overridden in contest rules)
  • Electronic timing devices will be used where ever possible to minimize human error in timed contests.
  • For any single contest three attempts are allowed per robot with up to a 10 minute tuning period between them
  • A single builder can enter as many robots as desired per single contest.
  • Three Chibotica medals will be awarded per contest, each to a separate team/builder.
  • Multiple placing robots from a given builder in any single contest will be awarded one Chibotica medal listing all bots, the event, the contest, and the place taken for that contest.
  • A builder may opt to receive a single Chibotica medal for all contests in a single event where the medal will lis the event, contest, robot name and place taken for each placing robot.
General Line Following Style (LF) Contest Guidelines
(unless specifically overridden in contest rules)
  • Chibots Line Following contests are laid out within a 6’ x 8’ area centered on an elevated 7’ x 9’ table with 3 inch sides as barriers.
  • The course surface is made from 12 inch square, 1/8th” thick commercial grade vinyl tiles.  Armstrong Standard EXCELON Imperial Texture, classic black, p/n 51910.  These tiles do not reflect visible nor infrared light.  For a more detailed description see Armstrong’s web site at for details), available at larger Home Depot stores.
  • The tiles have a primarily black background (somewhat speckled with medium and dark grey bits) but may optionally be painted flat black to enhance course appearance.  Painting is not guaranteed and is solely at the discretion of the course designer.
  • The white line comprising the course is created from ¾” white vinyl electrical tape (3M brand Type 35 or equivalent) which reflects both visible and infrared light.
  • Line thickness may vary by as much as 1/8th due to tape stretching.
  • The track surface and course line may have unintentional discontinuities due to assembly, not to exceed 1/8th of an inch.
  • Room lighting will be set as desired by the judges and will not be modified for individual contestants.  Flash photography and IR focusing cameras will be allowed, unless deemed by the judges to be purposefully disruptive (e.g. aiming an IR range finder at a steep angle to try and circumvent a sensor shield).
  • Course length will be measured using the center of each line.
  • All turns are of 6” radius measured using the center of the line.
  • All turns are at a 90° angle.
  • No lines shall intersect.
  • The course line is contiguous and forms a complete track (i.e. no lines terminate).
Current Chibots Contests and Builder Level
Basic Line Following
Advanced Line Following
Racing Line Following
Fanciful Line Following
Expert Line Following
Lego Sumo
* any *
Line Maze
Mini Sumo
* any *
Basic Table Top
Advanced Table Top
Robot Talent Show
* any *