Robot Talent Show Fall 2009

Contest Date: 
Sat, 10/24/2009

Robot Talent Show

Contest Rules

Audience: All Level


The robot talent show has, essentially, NO RULES as it is a purely subjective contest.  

The objective of this contest is to create a “unique” robot that has aesthetic appeal as well as some form of functionality. We plan an Audience Choice Award and maybe a "Choice" award based on votes of those who enter a robot in this new Robot Talent Show.

Robot Construction

This contest does not place a sizes or weight restriction on any robot contestant but follows the remaining general robot guidelines.

Course Construction

This contest has no course.  The robot being judged can freely use an available tabletop the floor or any other surface viewable by a crowd of people.

For some ideas of other entries as Performance Bot/Art Bots visit this website:

Contest Procedure

This contest is very free form.  The robot is allowed to be started by the builder and can do pretty much anything as along as it is not deemed harmful to spectators, other contestants, other robots or the general area around it.

The robot should do its performance in a way that allows as large a viewing crowd as possible as robots are judged based on crowd response followed by judges’ impressions.


Each robot talent show contestant is judged based mainly on crowd reaction as gauged by the judges.  Applause level as well facial expressions (e.g. looks of astonishment) are subjectively measured by the judge(s).  From these subjective measures rankings are determined.  To a lesser extent, the judges’ impression of the robot originality, aesthetic appeal, build quality and functionality (i.e. difficulty of performing talent) are measured.  Should two robots appear to be in a tie situation the judges may ask for a second reaction from the crowd to try and ascertain a separation of ranking.  Should this fail, the final decision is based on the judges’ personal rating.  Robots should be ranked on originality, aesthetic appeal, quality of build and apparent difficult of talent (e.g. making a balancing art robot is much more difficult than one that blinks LEDs randomly)..

This page is a rule set for this general contest: