Team Conehead Robomagellan

Robot is designed for these contests: 

Team Conehead is KJohn & Eddy Wright and our Robomagellan robot is SDR. 

SDR is a purpose-built custom tank chassis made of aluminum, plywood and Delrin & polystyrene plastic. It is built to be durable and tolerate wet conditions.








The tracks are hard plastic conveyor belt chain driven by a pair of right-angle motors located in the front of the robot.

The vision system consists of an XP PC running Roborealm software and a Logitech webcam.








The front bumper is stainless steel and can handle full speed impacts with object. It acts as a mechanical bumper switch to alert us of collisions. it also makes a great carrying handle.







The tank treads allow for climbing over obstacles like curbs and climbing up elevated terrain.  It can't quite climb stairs, the center of gravity is a little too far back.