First Attempt ver 3.0

Robot is designed for these contests: 

First Attempt ver 3.0 started as a basic Parallax Sumobot. I modified it to take 6 NiMH battries and silicone tires. Because of the added traction, I added a wheelie bar so First Attempt 3.0 would not lift it's front plow. From there I added a 13 gauge steel plow to help bring the weight near the 500 gm limit. Next I added side looking IR to help detect opponents faster. The code is modified from the Parallax book "Applied Robotics with the SumoBot". This code is more advanced than the basic SumoBot code. I have changed the QTI sensor readings to happen faster, plus made the entire program loop faster. This allowed the servos to respond faster to speed and direction changes.