Engineers' Week Expo 2014

02/22/2014 10:30
02/22/2014 15:30

30 Year Anniversary event!

IIT, Rice Campus, in Wheaton IL, has once again invited Chibots to exhibit at their annual DuPage Area Engineer's Week Expo. This event has been running for 30 years and provides a venue for all science and engineering groups and professional societies to present engineering concepts to young people. Chibots has been attending for a number of years (5 to 7) and it gets better each year!

ChiBots once again has the large room. Albeit big, last year it was still crowded. We had various presentors that showed visitors different aspects of engineering through robotics. One presentor brought his team's rocket which towered over everyone and everything in the room. Another presentor showed us how a robot solves a maze. Another brought in his Tic Tac Toe playing LEGO robot. These were just a few.

ChiBots also had demo competitions using its own competition table. This was the central attraction as many people gathered around the game table to watch the robots compete in line following and other robot sports.

The expo runs from 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM on Saturday February 22, 2014. Chibots will be located in room 103, ground floor. This room is located towards the rear of the building, near the door that leads to the parking lot. If you enter via the main entrance, go by the atrium down the hall towards the rear. Room 103  is down that corridor. We are now in the planning stage for this event which promises to be a fun and exciting one. The Project Manager for this event is Terry Jackson. Note that this event includes all fields of engineering and is not limited to electronics, mechanical or robotics.

Parking: Free and available behind the institute's building. The later you come, the more difficult it will be to find parking space. You may have to circle around a few times waiting for someone to leave. Recommendation: Come early!

Please contact Terry or a Chibots member if you are planning to exhibit your robots or other electronic devices. We have the space, we have the tables, but need to get organized. Everyone, both individuals and school robotics clubs, with a robot or interesting electronic device is welcome to come and display it at this event.

IIT Rice Campus address: 201 East Loop Road, Wheaton, IL 60189
More information about the IIT event: 630.682.6013

We hope to see you! School groups are welcomed. If you are a school and would would to participate in this event please contact the President or any club member. We look forward to working with schools and organizations that promote science and technology.

Some pictures of the 2013 event:

Robot builders, from left to right, top to bottom: Al Shilling, Eric Gregori, Nicky Fitzgerald and Al Rossetti.

The Rocket, more of Nicky's robots, lots of people and more people! The gentleman wearing the white sweatshirt is Terry Jackson, the ChiBots IIT Expo event Project Manager.

More people! And the official ChiBots competition table. And yes, that is Terry again :-).

IIT general flyer for the IIT Expo: