Racing Line Following Fall 2012

Contest Date: 
Sun, 10/14/2012

Racing Line Following Rules

Audience: Journeyman Level


Racing Line Following is intended solely to test the speed of a line following robot.  It is all about speed along a line and nothing more.

Course Construction

Racing Line Following follows the standard Chibots Line Following Guidelines (see the General Contest Guidelines section for details) with a few small exceptions.  First, the course is directly on the MDF that composes the supporting table.  The table is extended by 4 feet (now 7’ x 13’ overall, 6’ x 12’ racing area) and painted flat black.  The RLF course is run on a tri-oval track that is about 336.8” (roughly 8.554 meters) long with the three turns of having 6”, 9”, and 12” radii as per the diagram.

Robot Construction

This contest follows the Chibots general robot guidelines for line following.

Contest Procedure

Each robot is given up to three chances to run the course, with up to 5 minutes “tweak time” between runs.   Each run consists of 3 laps around the course. The builder may choose to run the robot in either clockwise or counter-clockwise direction, and may choose a different direction for each attempt.  The starting position of the robot is determined by the timing device(s) in use.

For a single robot, the run with the shortest single lap time is to be considered for final scoring.  Should a tie occur the second fastest single lap time will be used, etc.  Should the robot lose the line and not be able to reacquire it on it’s own that run shall be terminated.  At no time is a robot allowed to skip a portion of the course as determined by the judge(s).

All timing will be performed using a digital device located as indicated in the diagram if at all possible.  Otherwise a manual stopwatch procedure will be implemented.


Scoring is based solely on the fastest time.

Event placement will be based solely on elapsed time.  If a tie occurs, the Speed Trap speed will determine the winner.  Should the Speed Trap time bot determine the winner (or is unavailable), the second fastest lap time will be used.


This page is a rule set for this general contest: