LEGO Mindstorms class

08/25/2012 11:00
08/25/2012 13:00

Workshop 88 and Jay Kinzie will be giving a free LEGO Mindstorms class this coming Saturday August 25th at 11:00 AM at Workshop88. If you are curious about LEGO Mindstorms this is the place to be!

Jay will have on hand his LEGO sumo bot plus a sumo ring. If you have a LEGO sumo bot bring it on over, fun and mayhem can be the only result! Jay wants to make this event as educational and entertaining as possible, but he needs your help. Participate!

Some information about the class:

This class is open to everyone, all ages and all skill levels and is free to attend, but if you see value in the class and in maker spaces such as Workshop88 I am sure that they would appreciate any kind of donation.

Jay’s objective for the class is to discuss the LEGO NXT-G software. Please bring your own LEGO Mindstorms kit, your robot assembled and the NXT-G software previously installed on your computer. This is important as the class is limited in time and Jay has lots to talk about. This is not a how to get started from zero type event.

The class will start promptly at 11:00 AM (Jay is hoping that it will be 11 AM Central!)

Bring all accessories and extra batteries. Workshop88 will not be providing any kits or accessories for this class. Visit Jay’s blog for more information and to register for this class:

General information:


Saturday August 25th from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM


481 N Main St.
Rear Building Unit B
Downtown Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

To get to Workshop 88 park either on the street or in the small parking area. Entrance to the parking area and Workshop88’s "front door" is through Pennsylvania Ave. Beware, these streets are one way! Main St. south of Crescent Blvd is a two-way street. To get to the workshop’s entrance you need to enter through Pennsylvania Ave then walk to the southwest corner. There you’ll see a small sign marking Workshop 88. From inside of the parking area the workshop is to the right of the rear of Glen Theater.

See you there!