Guest Lecturers


The Chicago Area Robotics Group welcomes anyone that would like to share their robotics know-how with us. Topics can include any hardware or software device, item, project or product that is related to robotics or can be used in a robotics system or subsystem.

A 10 – 60 minute segment can be reserved for a Monthly Program where anyone can present. A person interested in presenting a topic does not have to be a member. Everyone is welcomed! Chibots meets every second Sunday of the month at the Schaumburg Public Library from 1:00 to 4:00 PM. More specific information about our meetings can be found in the Chibots Meetings page.


If you are interested in presenting a topic at one of our meetings please contact the President. The procedure to present a topic is as follows:

  1. The club’s President is contacted with a proposal to present. Include a detailed description of the program and tentative dates.
  2. The President then passes this information to the person responsible for event organization. Usually it is our Program Chair; however, it can be some other member and/or Chibots officer.
  3. The Program Chair (or other) will contact the interested party and work with him/her to allocate a mutually agreed upon date and topic. The library Liaison should also be involved to assure that a library room is available on the day of the presentation.
  4. The Guest Lecturer will provide the Chibots Program Chair with the title of the lecture and a description, and optionally and if applicable, a representative image to accompany the description. Also provide information as to what presentation aids are needed. This will help Chibots and the Guest Lecturer know what is needed and what to expect.
  5. The Chibots Program Chair will then pass on the event information to the PR Chair or whoever is responsible for Public Relations. The PR Chair will check and edit the description to maximize interest among members and visitors.
  6. Once the promotional information is ready the PR Chair will pass on the information to the President so that he can include it in the meeting’s agenda at the Chibots Website. If an agenda is posted it will include the Program and the description. Also, the PR Chair will promote the event on Facebook, LinkedIn, Chibots Yahoo! List and any other location that can reach people interested in the topic.


The following are some suggested guidelines.

  • The guest lecturer should arrive before 1 PM so that he or she can test any presentation aids that will be used. While this is usually straightforward, there are times when the setup gets to be a bit finicky.
  • The presentation usually starts at 1:30 PM; however, the group sometimes gets caught up in Club Business. We apologize in advance if this happens.
  • The lecturer should program the presentation to be from 10 to 45 minutes long. This allows for a discussion afterwards. The Presentation Segment is usually 60 minutes, but if the topic garners interest, the discussion can go over the 60 allotted minutes, but not the presentation.
  • We encourage people to particiapte. Your presentation can be on a formal topic, but it can also be to showcase a specific project that you are working on. Don't be hesitant because you believe that the presentation needs to be 30 or 40 minutes long. It does not! We want to know what you are working on and look forward to you sharing this with us.
  • Chibots kindly requests that the presentation topic contain educational value. Our sponsors and other vendors are welcomed to present their products just as long as the presentation is not one long infomercial. As people interested in robotics we are all curious about new options, but ask that the presentation also contain useful information on how these products are used and how they can benefit the robot builder.
  • If you are a vendor, sales of your product is not allowed during the meeting, per library policy; however, this restriction expires once the meeting is officially adjourned. Come prepared.
  • While not necessary, consider donating a sample of your product, if applicable, as a door prize. If this is a feasible option, please let the Program Chair know well in advance of the presentation date.

Our meetings, thus also the Monthly Program, are open to the public. Chibots does not charge any entry fee. Everyone is welcomed!