ESC/Sensors Expo Event Notes

This text provides a few notes on the management and organization of the ESC/Sensors Expo event that takes place approximately half ways through the year. This event is usually held at the Rosemont Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. This event provides vendors that manufacture and commercialize electronic sensors a venue for electronic design engineers who are looking for solution within this field.

The event provides two main components: Conference tracks and an exhibition floor. The attendee must pay for the conferences, but the expo is free.

Chibots has been invited to the ESC/Sensors expo since 2010 to display robots and other electronic devices related to this field. The following is a set of notes that I’ve compiled, hoping that it will be useful for future events.

Their usual offer is a 10 x 10 foot booth, free of charge, one table and 2 chairs. We need to check to determine whether a power drop is included which it usually is. The 500 Watt supply that is proposed is usually more than enough.

The ESC/Sensors people draft a contract for us to sign (specifically the Prez<g>) that outlines the agreement. This is just a formality, but the contract needs to get read just to verify that the space is free from payment and that it does not contain any clauses that need to be considered. This is just protocol as the past two contracts have been very favorable to Chibots. The contract describes in detail the booth space, the amenities that are included, considerations and other useful information.

Once the contract is signed the ESC/Sensors rep will send over a packet (via email) with information about the booth and show in general. This information includes set-up and tear-down dates and times, plus information on renting accesories and services.

A schedule with a list of people that will be there and the hours that they'll be there is useful, but easier said than done. Since most of the members have employment and other commitments, it is difficult to be at the show, especially since the show is during the week. The result is that those that say that they'll come only a few show up, and a few that did not say anything before show up.

The target audience needs to be kept in mind. In this case, the target audience is engineers that design electronic components, trending towards embedded systems. Robots are sure to garner their attention, expect questions of a more technical nature. The devices displayed can be processor or non processor based robots or other MCU based devices.

Literature. Usually Terry J. prints out Chibots trifolds. The Project Manager (PM) will have to check with him to see if this is possible or if not, to have the printing done by some alternate means or at least verify that there are enough trifolds to go around. We have found that the ESC/Sensors event can require up to 100 trifolds. If Terry does print them out then the PM will also need to know whether a reimbursement is necessary for the cost. This is a good time to print out information about Fall Chibotica and the SRS RoboMagellan competition.

The ESC/Sensors people usually request some info about the robots that will be displayed. This includes a picture and a brief description. This part gets tricky because we really don't have any idea what robots/devices will be there. This needs to be mentioned. The PM needs to request these 2 items from the people that signed up to attend. Once the material is gathered the PM authors a document containing the text and images (images may be requested separately) and sends it off to the person requesting it.

Last year (2011) we got one pass for the ESC conferences (value of over $500). This pass was the door prize for the May meeting. Once the winner is determined the PM needs to get the phone number, email and address and provides it to the ESC/Sensors rep. This is a special door prize in which members are asked to participate only if they have the availability to go to the conferences. This is the only formal commitment on our part since we don't want to waste this pass nor do we want Chibots to look bad by not taking advantage of this opportunity.

Usually the ESC/Sensors people will ask for a list of people that will be at the booth so that they can print exhibitor badges for us. The contract usually indicates how many people are allowed to have the exhibitor badges (depends on the size of the booth). Last year I requested more badges that were technically allowed and they were happy to give us the extra badges. Don't be afraid to ask!

Always clarify any information that is not understood or fully explained.