Election results

Hear ye! Hear ye!


Doug Williams - 7 votes

Eric Gregori - 5 votes


Eric Gregori - 3 votes ***Note: Write in candidate

Doug Williams - 2 votes ***Note: Write in candidate


Eddy Wright - 2 votes ***Note: Write in candidate


Write in candidates:

Eddy Wright - attended meeting and was asked on behalf of Chibots whether he would accept the position of Secretary. He graciously declined, citing silly reasons like school and work.

Eric Gregori - did not attend meeting; therefore, we were not able to ask him whether he would accept this position. Eric responded and graciously declined the office of vicepresident; however, is willing to help the new administration in other ways.

We all congratulate Doug Williams effusively for his new position and eagerly await a new level of world domination under his administration.