Chibots PayPal Account

June 25, 2012 update: The Chibots PayPal system is now fully functional. Please note the email address below where all funds should be sent. Do not leave out the "Chibots." prefix of the email. This is very important.

Dec. 12, 2011 update: Warning! We are having problems with PayPal, do not pay or send funds using this method. I will update as soon as i have more news.

The Chibots PayPal account is back online and linked to the Chibots.VicePresident atsign chibots dot org email. You can use the PayPal account to send money to Chibots for any of the following reasons:

  1. Pay annual dues
  2. Pay entry fees to competitions (if not a member)
  3. Pay any debts to the club
  4. Give us money simply because you want to <g>

To send money you (obviously) need a PayPal account. After logging in at PayPal dot com select the Send Money option. Select or enter the linked Chibots email (given above), enter the amount to be sent, select the concept of the payment and then continue. The concept of payment "Gift" is the most appropriate since it deposits the entire sum of your payment into the Chibots account.

One of the steps of the “Send Money” process includes the option to send an email to the linked PayPal account receiving the money. Please send us a brief note why you are paying, for example, “2011 dues”, “Chibotica entry fee”, etc. The section where you can enter your note is not initially visible; you need to scroll down the page a bit.

If you do not have a PayPal account or are not familiar with this service, please read on.

PayPal is a service that has been around since 1998 and is used to pay for services or products to vendors that accept this payment method. The idea behind PayPal is security. For example, if your online shopping takes you to five different online stores then it is most likely that you have to give them your credit card number and other related information, like the dreaded security code. Although most popular sites are safe, it is always a good idea to limit exposure to your card’s information. The less people (businesses) have this information, the less probable that you’ll be affected if any of them should have a security breach.

PayPal helps in this regard because it allows you to open an account with them and to link one of your bank accounts with the PayPal account. When you purchase an item from a vendor that accepts payment through PayPal all you have to do is instruct PayPal to forward payment to the vendor. You do not need to provide the vendor with any credit card information, send them a check or perform a wire transfer. The vendor simply receives the money and no longer needs to see any of your personal (and financial) information, except perhaps for your mailing address for shipping purposes.

When you send money through PayPal this service takes care of withdrawing the necessary funds from your linked bank account and forwarding it to the party that needs to get paid. eBay makes widespread use of PayPal and in 2002 PayPal became a wholly-owned subsidiary of eBay.

Not all e-commerce sites accept this method of payment, but payment is almost painless when purchasing items from vendors that do. Check out the PayPal( Website to see what businesses accept PayPal.

One recommendation: Open a savings account at your bank that you can use exclusively with PayPal and keep its balance low. When you need to pay a vendor or send money you’ll first transfer funds from your usual bank account into the bank account that is linked to the PayPal account. Once that is done you can proceed to log into your PayPal account and send the money. I have been using PayPal since 2000 and have never heard of a security breach, but adding this additional tier may give you an extra level of confidence and peace of mind.

More info about PayPal at Wikipedia: