Meeting minutes for 11.08.09

1. Meeting opened by President Tony Stram at 1:10
1.1. 13 members, 2 officers present
2. Round the room introductions,
3. Treasurer’s report- currently we have roughly $1000 in our PayPal account
3.1. Discussion as to transfer of PayPal rights while maintaining security of treasurer’s rights
3.2. Addition of a co-signer to maintain security of funds
3.3. Vote taken for new setup of PayPal account; passed unanimously
4. Recap of last month’s Chibotica competition
4.1. Review of photos of the event (All the photos are available on the Chibots website)
4.2. Don’s overview on iHobby
4.2.1. Contests run, contestants who completed/didn’t complete the competition
5. RBDO discussion
5.1. Kits to build with?
5.2. Hosting space?
6. New position for iHobby coordination proposed; Don will not be able to continue to run things
7. No presentation this month due to various issues, so continuing on with iHobby debriefing
7.1. What to do with prizes that have been donated?
7.2. Draw names from all participants/who placed/in first place?
7.3. Use as prizes for year-round competitions?
8. Places we can make ourselves visible to the community?
8.1. FLL competition in January
8.2. Brickworld in June (Register by May)
8.3. First Tech Challenge
9. New elections for December 2010
9.1. New 2-year term or 1-year term?
9.1.1. It will be a 2-year term!
9.2. Need volunteers for officers! Be present at December elections
9.3. Tony volunteered for VP
9.4. Officer lineup-
9.4.1. President
9.4.2. Vice President
9.4.3. Secretary
9.4.4. Presentation chairman
9.4.5. Competition chairman (With 3 appointed members- not officers!)
10. iHobby literature improvement!
10.1. Business cards, brochures
10.2. Demos?
10.2.1. Worthwhile given prep time involved?
11. To allow new members to enjoy the Show Tell Ask and Presentation, invite new members 1 or 2 hours into the meeting.
12. Brief presentation: Ultrasonic sensors
13. Show Tell Ask
13.1. Royce’s Felix (Robonova1), CBA bot, Mini Sumo bot
14. Meeting concluded around 5 to 4