Meeting Minutes for 10.11.2009

1. Meeting called to order at 1:12 Pm
a. Attendance of 11 with all three officers-
i. Tony Stram, President
ii. Scott Mueller, Vice President
iii. Will Meitzler, Secretary
iv. Salvador Garcia, Assistant to President
2. Tony reminds all about iHobby Expo- October 22-25
3. Treasury report- current total- $1012
a. Dues count accurate?
4. iHobby business run by Don
a. Call for all attendants to register for iHobby and robot competitor
b. Don presents plans to print certificates as more generous awards (everyone gets a certificate for bringing a robot)
c. Letters for prize acquisitions, etc. are being run by Don, with assistance by Terry
d. Don went over the layout of the booth space at iHobby: Demonstration area, registration desk at front of booth, game table, projection area (perhaps using Eddy’s projector).
e. We need people to attend on the trade days as iHobby is investing a LOT in Chibotica- we need to contribute too.
f. You cannot bring dolleys into iHobby, though rolling toolboxes seem all right (If you are stopped for a rolling toolbox, the rule is against rolling objects so just carry it in)
g. Tenative schedule for Chibotica worked out
h. BRING ROBOTS FOR DISPLAYS- robot does not necessarily need to be functional or even fully assembly
5. Presentation by Salvador on BEAM robotics
a. Due to an unfortunate crash of my computer the notes to the presentation have been lost, so Salvador has been asked to upload his PPT to the website instead.
6. Show Tell and Ask
a. Scott demonstrated his new brand of overkill (A 64 photo transistor camera)
b. Eddy showed an ongoing project he and Don have been working on- behavioral robots for iHobby demonstration
8. Meeting adjourned at 4:00