Meeting minutes for 9.13.09

1. Meeting brought to order at 1:30
2. Vote called for interim president in Tony’s absence
2.1. Tom volunteered to act as iHobby chairman
2.2. Scott is willing to do presentations assuming suggestions on topics are given
2.3. Salvador and Noemi Garcia nominated for President
2.4. PayPal needs to be setup so that the Vice President (Scott) can have access
2.5. Review of budget and what is owed, etc. (Reimburse Royce, buy projector, was STDL given their $?)
3. Discussion shifts to iHobby
3.1. List of people attending at iHobby?
3.2. Helpers needed, especially on Thursday, Friday
3.3. Need to find storage solution for game elements
3.4. iHobby has given us more space this year; use it well or we will be holding Chibotica ’10 in the Library
3.5. Tri-folds- need to come up with new ones?
3.6. What are we doing on Thursday/Friday for private days?
3.7. What games will we run?
3.7.1. Sumo contests (LEGO, Mini)
3.7.2. Line following contests (Basic, Advanced, Fanciful, Line Maze?)
3.7.3. TableTop (Basic, Advanced)
3.7.4. Humanoid Contests (Kung Fu, Stairs, Demo)
3.7.5. Robot Talent Show
3.7.6. 12 total, need to make up contest schedule
3.8. Contest Prizes
3.8.1. Recycling medals to make up for short supply?
3.8.2. Get some more sponsors for various prizes?
3.9. Booth Layout
3.9.1. Various solutions suggested given the new size and shape of the allotted booth
3.9.2. Number, layout of tables decided on
4. Presentation
4.1. BEAM robotics (Biological, Electronics, and Mechatronics)
4.2. Focusing on line following, line maze
4.3. Used Salvador Garcia’s Line Follower document as reference (highly recommended material)
4.4. Discussion shifted slightly to ways to get more people interested in Chibots (Nuts ’n’ Volts vs. Servo)
4.4.1. Widen focus for the club to attract people of various specialties
5. Meeting ended around 4:00, conversation continued until we had to leave the room.