Advanced Line Following Fall 2007

Contest Date: 
Sun, 10/21/2007

This page is a rule set for this general contest: 

Racing Line Following

Line Maze

The smart robot will remember the course solution from one attempt to the next. Is your robot up to it?

Past and present rulesets:

Fanciful Line Following

Expert Line Following

Expert Line Following Rules
Audience: Journeyman Level

Expert Line Following is the ultimate test of a line following robot. The object is accuracy and speed. The course while having a “line” loop, the line is distorted and broken through out.

 Past and Present Rulesets:


Advanced Table Top

Once you've mastered Basic Table Top, give Advanced Table Top a whirl. Now you're getting in to some real robotics stuff!

Past and present rulesets:

Basic Table Top

Basic Line Following

This is a great contest for beginners to try to tackle. Its just a bit harder than basic table top and probably about on par with Advanced Table Top.

Past and Present Basic Line Following Rulesets:

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