Lego Sumo

Lego Sumo is just like our Mini Sumo contest except 1 Kg Lego robots compete.

 Past and Present Rulesets:


Tom W

Retired E Tech
Home City: 
Crystal Lake, IL

Eddy W

Chibot's Constitution





Chicago Area Robotics Group (ChiBots)



Tony Stram

Embedded Systems Designer
Home City: 

I began building /electronic/robot projects back in high school. I like autonomous robots, and use behavior based style programming to control my robots. I currently compete in Autonomous Mini Sumo with my 2 robots: a Parallax Sumo Bot and a Solarbotics Sumovore. I am working on a new Mini Sumo bot that will use an LPC2138 microcontroller from NXP. I have also used Microchip PIC and Atmel AVR microcontrollers for work and hobby.

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