Kris Southerland

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Palatine, IL

Professional modelmaker/designer specializing in resin/pewter casting and steel fabricating.

currently has built 4 bots - 1 cba bot, 1 mini sumo, 1 table tops and 1 critter crunch 2# class

ted r lowe

computer scientist, engineer
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i'm just getting into robotics but hope to have something to show soon. i was a s/w developer at Bell Labs for 15 years, then for 6 years at a local startup company. i've been "self underemployed" for about 6 years now and enjoying not having a "regular" job.


Feltip is a Parallax Scribbler robot reprogrammed for the Chibots Basic and Advanced Line Following contests.  It has competed, but not placed, at the 2006 Fall Chibotica and the 2007 Spring Chibotica.

AnyWay II

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Table Top Contest Robots Anyway II cropped.jpg

AnyWay II is a Lego Mindstorms RIS robot built for Basic and Advanced Table Top contests.  It took 2nd place in the Summer 2006 Advanced Table Top contest.


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TanxALot is a tank tread driven robot with a large array of line sensors overhanging the front.

It is built from the following:

  • Tamiya Universal plates
  • Tamiya Dual Motor drive
  • Tamiya Tank Tread Set
  • Wright Hobbies DevBoard M32
  • Wright Hobbies FAN8200 H Bridge
  • Fairchild QRB1134 IR Photoreflectors

iHobby Expo Out Reach (Open to Public)

10/20/2007 08:00
10/20/2007 17:00
Saturday is the third day of iHobby Expo. The public will be there in droves. Not just the general public, but a sub set that is demonstrably interested in hobbies. This is a fantastic opportunity to reach out to the public as well as try to recruit new memebers.

iHobby Expo Out Reach (Trade Only)

10/19/2007 08:00
10/19/2007 17:00

Friday is the second day of iHobby Expo. It a great opportunity to talk to business owners and let them know what we do and why as well as what we buy and from whom.

iHobby Expo Out Reach (Trade Only)

10/18/2007 08:00
10/18/2007 17:00

Thurs is the first day of iHobby Expo. It a great opportunity to talk to business owners and let them know what we do and why as well as what we buy and from whom.

September 2007 Regular Meeting

09/09/2007 13:00
09/09/2007 16:00


We have a great presentation this month. Alumilite will be on hand to demo their quick setting casting resin. As some of you may know our awesome translucent medal logos are made from Alumilite. The realm of possible robot applications for this stuff seems huge; everything from making cool chassis's to molding odd shaped motor mounts to whipping out your own wheel hubs.


Club Business: (60 min max)

Arty 3.1

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Robot is designed for these contests: 

Arty 3.1 is up and running.  This is the third generation of Arty, which I started several years ago.  The first generation was very front heavy, causing the back tires to slip and slide during turns. Arty sometimes looked like a fish swimming.  Version 2 looked like version 3.1 but I had placed the sensors way out in front (not a good thing I found out later) and it used only one servo for steering.

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