Robot is designed for these contests: 

Anklbytr is a Quadruped robot created by CrustCrawler. 

I picked it up as a kit for a class that I was taking at Roosevelt University. 

Presently Anklbytr walks as if it's severely drunk and is in the middle of dumping the Parallax BS2 and Servo Controller that came with the kit and instead running using the Wright Hobbies Devboard-M32 and a Pololu Micro-SSC. Servo power will be provided by a 7.4v Li-Poly battery instead of the weighty NiMh race packs normally seen in RC cars.

Programming is being done in C++ and also tinkering with FreeRTOS.

Michael Ekkert

Windows System Engineer
Home City: 
Schaumburg, IL

Rob Harnden II

Small Business Owner (Drink and Snack Vending Machines)
Home City: 
Gurnee IL

I am currently studying Electronics Engineering at The College of Lake County. 

I have been building small, simple R/C Combat Robots for four years (since 2003), LEGO Sumo robots for two years (since 2005), and I just started building Mini Sumo Bots (from kits) one year ago .

I am ready to start learning some of the more advanced concepts behind robot building. I plan to start learning C (again) in order to modify the behavior of the kits I already have.

Salvador Garcia

Software R & D
Home City: 
Broadview, IL

Started with robotics back in high school. Have been lurking in the technology ever since. Always looking for "more input". Experience mostly in software development with a tad of hardware development back in the mid to late 80s.

New Website Launched!

The new Chibots website has been launched! Be sure to check out the New User Information for some basics of working with the site. Then make some robot profiles and show us what you have built!

Ryan Myrda

Home City: 
Orland Park, IL

I am a senior at Carl Sandburg High School. I build robots, and lots of them. Only a fraction of what i start actually gets finished in its original design. My main areas of "expertise" are line followers, and in the mechanical side of robotics.

Don Kerste

Retired EE
Home City: 
Glenview, IL

Interested in robotics for about 20 years. Currently have five operational robots, and as many more in various stages of development. Guest robotics demonstrator at the Museum of Science and Industry in 2005-2006. Former ChiBots Program Chairman and former Competition Committee Chairman. ChiBots President in 2005. Designed and built ChiBots elevated gaming table, with help from other members. Active in design and development of ChiBots games; currently taking blame for Advanced, Racing and Fanciful Line Following.

Al Rossetti

Software Engineer
Home City: 
Lombard, IL

Matthias Kersten

hobbyist and student

Jim Fiocca

Electrical Engineer
Home City: 
Zionsville, IN

Masters degree in Electrical Engineering specializing in DSP

Worked for Motorola for 12 years. Embedded DSP firmware, Audio algorithm development and implementation, some digital hardware, extensive embedded software on Motorola processors, mostly in assembly language.

Currently working for Thomson/RCA in Indianapolis as lead software engineer for portable multimedia products.

Robot hobbyist since 1994 (see website). Also enjoy woodworking, Sci-Fi, fine wines and beer.

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