2011 Midwest SRS RoboMagellan Competition

This year’s SRS RoboMagellan competition truly pitted man & machine against forces of nature such as grass, trees and clouds. Chibots welcomed four brave competitors and their fantastic creations to the 2011 Midwest SRS RoboMagellan Competition held at Moraine Valley Community College at Palos Hills,  Illinois. We thank this college for allowing our event to be hosted at their campus. The competitors were:



Index Photo: 
Robot is designed for these contests: 

This is a mini-sumo robot built entirely out of CNC cut sintra plastic.
It features:
ATMega328 processor
5 proximity sensors
2 edge sensors

Agenda Meeting Sunday August 14, 2011

08/14/2011 13:00
08/14/2011 16:00

Please note: The meeting on August 14 will be at Pumping Station: One, NOT at the Schaumburg Public Library. Please make note of this.

We will be streaming the meeting live via UStream. Will this work? Will the experiment be successful? We don't know! Tune in and find out!

Team Conehead

Robot is designed for these contests: 

This is the SRS RoboMagellan entry for Team Conehead (Eddy Wright, Stuart Hecht, Glen Aidukas, and John Kjellman).  The base is a custom tank style (i.e. uses treads for propulsion) with sonar, touch and camera sensors.  The processing is performed by a small form factor PC and a Wright Hobbies DevBoard with an Atmel ATMEGA 1284P chip.


Picture to follow.

Minds-I RoboMagellan Sponsorship opportunity

One time opportunity! Read on!

Chibots has been hosting the SRS RoboMagellan Midwest competition since 2008. One hurdle that some people have is not knowing how to get started or not having the sufficient funds to finance this project that will easily top $500 USD.

Agenda July 10, 2011 meeting

07/10/2011 13:00
07/10/2011 13:00

1:00 PM Call to order – Club business

GADgET at Triton College

07/25/2011 08:00
07/28/2011 17:00

Do you know a young lady between the ages of 12 and 16 who is interested in science, engineering or technology? If so, this workshop is the perfect event to help her along in learning and meeting other young ladies that share her passion.

BrickWorld Chicago 2011

06/18/2011 10:00
06/19/2011 15:00

Brickworld returns to the Chicago area!

Public expo is on Saturday and Sunday June 18 and 19th at the Westin Hotel in Wheeling, IL.

See everything LEGO and more!

More information here: http://www.brickworld.us/chicago/

Chibots at Borders

07/09/2011 14:00
07/09/2011 16:00

Read all about it! Read all about it!

Chibots will be giving a robotics demonstration at Borders Bookstore of La Grange on July 9, 2011 from 2 to 4 PM. All are invited to drop by and say hello.

Agenda for June 12th, 2011 meeting

06/12/2011 13:00
06/12/2011 16:00

1:00 PM Call to order – Club business

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