Capturing Ideas for Competition Table

Please post your table ideas as comments on this article. Be as specific as you can and include links to any examples or sources for your idea. We won't spend a lot of time debating ideas now, let's capture everyone's thoughts and the team will start sorting through them once they are assembled.

If you foresee pros and cons for your idea, please list those as well.


Exhibitors at conventions set up and break down tables regularly. We could look at suppliers of exhibitor equipment and see if anything fits the bill. 

Chibots Competition Table Project

Eddy proposed putting together a team to build a new Competition Table (CT). The project that he proposes is the following:

ASME Microcontroller Workshop

11/12/2011 09:00
11/12/2011 14:00

Hi all,

We have been invited to the ASME Open Source Microcontroller Workshop to showcase our robots and electronic devices. This is a unique event that is part workshop and part exhibit and focuses on open source hardware, such as the Arduino.

Agenda: Nov. 13, 2011 meeting

11/13/2011 13:00
11/13/2011 16:00

1:00 PM Announcements/Recaps


Robot is designed for these contests: 


Index Photo: 
Robot is designed for these contests: 

 A LEGO MindStorms Robot that uses the RCX and 3 LightSensors to follow line with speed in excess of 3 feet per second.

PivotPoint has the drive motors and LightSensors on a seperate part that is attached to the main body by a turntable.  This assembely allows it to move faster and respond to the line better.  The lights on the sides are attached to the motor ports, so that when more and less power is applied, they get brighter and dimmer, which creates a really cool affect in the dark. (link to video to come soon).


Robot is designed for these contests: 


Robot is designed for these contests: 


Robot is designed for these contests: 


Robot is designed for these contests: 
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