SRS RoboMagellan Summer 2012

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Sat, 08/04/2012

SRS Robo-Magellan

Contest Rules

revised 1-1-07


Robo-Magellan is a robotics competition emphasizing autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance over varied, outdoor terrain. Robots have three opportunities to navigate from a starting point to an ending point and are scored on time required to complete the course with opportunities to lower the score based on contacting intermediate points.

This page is a rule set for this general contest: 

3D Printer

3D printer

The 3 D printer is new class of home appliance.  The self replicating Rapid Protoype machines of the RepRap class may signal a parradigm shift in general robotics.

These machines are intended to be able to reproduce themselves.  For example, a milling machine or lathe can be used to make all the parts for a new (better) milling maching or lathe. 

Just as the first (hand made) lathe was used to produce a better lathe, a RepRap can be use to make an improved reprap.

Braino's Prusa 20111222

Index Photo: 

3D - Printers may represent a new paradigm shift.

These are home robots that perfom an actual useful function for the first time.

2012 President Elect

Hi All

President Elect here!

I'm in the process of gathering up the materials and responsibilities for the psoition of president of our fine club.    As one of the newer members, I will need advise and feedback from the membership.

In addition to running the day to day biz for the club, I also have a goal to make us more fun and productive.  Members have been discussing various chages, many from eric gregori.  The initial tasks will involve determining what we can do to move these from suggestions to implementation. 

Election results

Hear ye! Hear ye!


Doug Williams - 7 votes

Eric Gregori - 5 votes


Eric Gregori - 3 votes ***Note: Write in candidate

Doug Williams - 2 votes ***Note: Write in candidate


DuPage Area Engineers Week 2012

02/25/2012 11:00
02/25/2012 15:30

Feb. 18, 2012 update: The official program is now available at the DuPage Area Engineers' Week web site (link at bottom of post). Chibots will be occupying Room 142 on the first floor. More info with images below.

Chibots at a Cub Scout Pack 24 Blue & Gold Dinner

05/18/2012 18:30
05/18/2012 20:00

Latest news May 15, 2012: I received some direction to the event. St. Paul of the Cross is on the west side of Northwest Hwy about two blocks South of the Touhy/NWHwy intersection. To get to the school gym, going South from Touhy, go past the church and make a right (West) on Washington. The parking lot entrances are off of Washington. The gym entrance is at the south end of the lot.

Chibots at Cub Scouts Pack 67 meeting

02/06/2012 19:00
02/06/2012 19:30

River Forest Pack 67 of the Cub Scouts has kindly invited us for a 20 minute robotics demonstration at their weekly meeting. They would like to see the robots that we make and for us to share interesting information about robotics. If possible, can we organize a mini-competition so that the Cub Scouts can a see what a competition looks like?

Chibots at the Westmore Elementary Science Night

02/03/2012 18:30
02/03/2012 20:30

The Science Night at Westmore team has kindly invited Chibots to come and participate in their Science Night 2012. There will be an entire gym and hallway reserved for this event. The area will be filled with science projects stations that will provide demonstrations and hand-on activities. The following description was sent by one of the organizers:

Agenda: Dec. 11, 2011 meeting

12/11/2011 13:00
12/11/2011 16:00

Date: Sunday December 11, 2011
Time: 1 to 4 PM
Location: Schaumburg Public Library

1:00 PM Club business

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Eric Gregori

Doug Williams

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