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Fall Chibotica 2010, Oct. 24, 2010

Sunday was no slouch! Our booth had visitors all day. People asking about the Turing Machine (mostly because they had no idea what it did!), playing against the Marble Maze, trying to hide from the face tracking gun, watching the Monster Chess pieces move and of course, watching the competitions and demonstration. There was also a big crowd awaiting their wooden nickel produced by Mike D.’s Nickel-O-Matic.

Fall Chibotica 2010, Oct. 23, 2010

This was the first day that iHobby Expo was open to the public. Chibots was busy with the first three Chibotica competitions: Basic Line Following, Racing Line Following and Line Maze. The robotics team from The UNAM competed in these three games. The guest exhibitors had arrived and set up shop- The booth came to life with displays showcasing technology, ingenuity, creativity and a bit of madness.

Master Robotics Exhibitors Chibotica 2010

 The Chibots booth was now mostly populated. Some pictures follow.

Fall Chibotica 2010, Oct.22, 2010

Friday was the second of two days in which iHobby Expo was closed to the public. This allowed exhibitors to finish installing their booths and setting up. Also, this allowed time for the exhibitors to wander around and establish business contacts with each other.

Here is a shot of the “front” of the Chibots booth.

Radio Interview on WRTO La Tremenda 1200 AM

This is a full transcript of the topics that were discussed.

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Check out the video of the interview at Vimeo!

 Interview on A Brand New Day with Javier Salas, October 21, 2010

The Heddatron Robotics Project Update: Aug. 23, 2010

The Heddatron Project is well underway, with an important milestone coming up for January 3rd, 2011. Don’t know what the Heddatron Project is? Check out the section at the end of this document. It presents a quick recap of the project. At this point the plan is the following:

March 14th: After The Meeting

We had another great meeting!