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2011 Midwest SRS RoboMagellan Competition

This year’s SRS RoboMagellan competition truly pitted man & machine against forces of nature such as grass, trees and clouds. Chibots welcomed four brave competitors and their fantastic creations to the 2011 Midwest SRS RoboMagellan Competition held at Moraine Valley Community College at Palos Hills,  Illinois. We thank this college for allowing our event to be hosted at their campus. The competitors were:


Minds-I RoboMagellan Sponsorship opportunity

One time opportunity! Read on!

Chibots has been hosting the SRS RoboMagellan Midwest competition since 2008. One hurdle that some people have is not knowing how to get started or not having the sufficient funds to finance this project that will easily top $500 USD.

Chibots April Meeting at Triton College

Due to scheduling problems at the Schaumburg Public Library, we found ourselves looking for an alternate place where we could have our April meeting. Triton College came to the rescue, allowing us to have our meeting at their campus in the Technology Building. Although the room was not huge, it was ample enough for our needs, plus Triton provided us with a projector in case we needed one.

Freescale i.MX53 Quick Start Board training

May 19, 2011 update: Unfortunately, there weren't enough people to fill the Saturday May 21 session, so it had to be cancelled. If Saturday is the best day for you, Eric mentioned the possibility of having a training session on that day sometime in July. If this interests you please get in touch with us so that Eric knows that there is interest.

Chibots at the DuPage Engineers Week Expo at IIT, Wheaton IL

The DuPage Engineers Week Expo was held at the Illinois Institute of Technology Rice campus in Wheaton, IL this past February 26. This engineering expo invites associations to come and demonstrate different engineering principles. The expo is attended by a huge number of people, many of them school age children. They have lots of fun trying out different experiments. The associations are always happy to demonstrate something educational to the younger crowd.

Design the City of the Future

What will a city look like in 150 years? Perhaps we can imagine flying cars or human transport systems that use teleportation. Perhaps we can imagine houses suspended up in the air like those featured in the cartoon The Jetsons and energy generated from the wind and sun.

Triton College/Monty Pythons Snowbotics

This past Saturday, Dec. 4, 2010 the Snowbotics 2010 event was held at Triton College. Snowbotics is a workshop where young kids build electronic devices from kits. The two  main kits were the Snap Circuits FM radio kit and the Elenco LED robot kit.

ChiTag Fair, 2010

Update: Nov. 26, 2010:

Eric G. uploaded a video to his YouTube account, check it out here:

Also, I put together a short video that shows some of the bots that were on display. Here:

End Nov. 26 update

The Heddatron Robotics Project Update: Nov. 13, 2010

Nov. 18th, 2010 update: Videos are up!

Check out the videos related to the Heddatron Robotics Project

Stuart's robot head with blinking eyes prototype

Don's mock up of the Critter-Bot. Also gives a glimpse of the Steppenwolf Garage


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